Our Core Process

Our core consulting process follows 5 key milestones at which each stage the problem definition and accordingly the derived opportunity for clients are developed. Landscape assessment is the first key milestone in our conducted projects where we extensively review the different components of the client’s environment, namely the category/industry trends, competitors (direct & indirect), retail distribution channels, shoppers & consumers understanding, and company / brand strategy direction.

Based on the thorough examination of the market’s components, we then conduct a deep dive into the identification of growth inhibitors and barriers, then derive the identification of growth accelerators and trending opportunities. These 2 major stages would allow us then to devise a tailor-made proposal for the client targeting the identified “pain points” and developing the growth opportunities.

As our consulting philosophy focuses not only on deriving insights but also on presenting detailed actionable plans and steps for our clients, the last and most important milestone in our consulting process makes sure that the client receives a hands-on detailed actionable plan rather than a top-line data report that stops short on translating the identified insights into clear action steps.

InterTrends Key Business Solutions


Go-To-Market Strategy

  • Route To Market Strategy [Where to Play, How to Win]
  • Multi-Channel Strategy
  • Distribution expansion & distributor management
  • SKU-Mix Strategy
  • Category Strategy
  • Shopper Marketing Design


Market Intelligence & Insights

  • Industry & Local market periodical studies & reports
  • Trend Analysis & Forecasting
  • Market Research & insights to action analysis
  • Shopper Journey Activation


Capability Building

  • Sales College
  • Joint business planning development
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Shopper Marketing College
  • Marketing Strategy College
  • Integrated Marketing Communication College


Digital Strategy

  • Connected Consumer Shopping Journey
  • Winning Online Principles in e-commerce
  • Winning with the Omni-Channel Shopper
  • Competitive Digital Strategy reporting
  • E-Retailers’ digital strategy reporting


Advanced Growth Solutions

  • Augmented Reality Integration into Shopper Marketing
  • Augmented Reality Solutions
  • Leadership Summits integrating voice of the customer research